Apache "Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server"

So I recently had a bit of a computer failure: Let's put it this way, be careful with how you use the "ppa-purge" command, it's not as harmless as some may claim. Anyway, I naturally had to re-install my development environment.

When it came to setting up my virtual hosts, something seemed awfully wrong. I kept getting the dreaded:

Activity resumed

To claim that the website has been under "heavy construction" is to stretch the truth to breaking point. However, I have finally decided to start posting a bit of this and that.

I have to apologise to anyone who has landed here only to find an empty website, but circumstances (and not a small amount of laziness) got in my way. To be honest, I was surprised that anyone managed to find this website since I barely have any incoming links to it.

This site is primarily for my own use - so I have a common reference point -, but if it helps you along the way then all the better.

Getting started with CSS3 transitions

CSS transitions are a very efficient way to animate content on a page. They are part of the CSS3 standard, although their implementation varies wildly, it has to be said. My experience so far shows that it's only Firefox that fully supports them, and even then only when the browser-specific -moz prefix is used. This tutorial is inspired by the book CSS3 for Web Designers which deals with the topic in greater detail than I can do here.

Getting started with HTML5

Getting started with HTML5 is easy. HTML5 is meant (on the whole) to be backwards-compatible with previous HTML versions anyway. There is only one thing we need to change then in order to work with HTML5 - the Doctype.

In HTML4 we would write it like this:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" 

In HTML5, we'll write it like this:


The new way is so short that you can remember it off the top of your head!